Online Giving

Our mission at FBC Everman is to faithfully reach the world with the Good News of Christ out of our personal and corporate obedience to God''s calling. This mission can only be accomplished as we come together in unity. A unity focused on accomplishing this mission all for God’s glory. To do this we need everyone to give of yourselves, your time and your resources.

Here are ways you can give of yourselves and partner with FBC Everman to accomplish our God mandated calling:

Invest time in Prayer: This is perhaps the most important investment a Christian can make. Spend consistent time with God the Father, don’t neglect this important aspect of giving.

Invest your time: There are countless way you can serve at First Baptist. We need your hands, your feet and your commitment if we are going to reach the world with God’s message of grace.

Invest your resources: God is the provider of all things therefore it is our holy obligation that we give back to Him a portion of what He has provided us. As a member of FBC Everman our covenant says we will do so with great pleasure, and more importantly God wants us, to joyfully support the ministries of the church. While money is always a sensitive subject God calls us to faithfully trust Him. So….trust Him! 

There are several ways to support the financial needs of the church with your resources.

1.Personal delivery - Write a check or bring cash and put it into the offering plate each Sunday, or send it in by mail if you are not going to be able to attend on that particular day. Remember the expense of the church continue each week whether you are there or not.

2. Automatic Payment - You can set up a regular payment to be issued through your bank. Many banks offer this service to their customers for on-line bill payment. If you set up a regular and recurring transaction then each month or on whatever schedule you decide, a check will be sent to the church. So whether you are in attendance or not you will still be supporting the church. Of course we still want you to attend as a first priority.

3. On-line giving – Just like going to your bank and setting up a recurring payment, you will be able to set up an on-line donation using your Debit Card or by setting up an electronic fund transfer. And if you set up a recurring transaction then that transaction will occur each month or on whatever schedule you decide. Additionally you will be able to use your Smart Phone to send a donation right from your pew or from wherever you are. So whether you are in attendance or not you will still be supporting the church. Of course we still want you to attend as a first priority. Just click on the link and give as God leads you.

Note: your transaction on-line is accomplished using a secure server and your information is protected at all times. 

The preference for giving electronically is to go to your bank and set up the recurring transaction. This will save the church any fees they would otherwise incur from On-line giving. The next preferred method would be to use the on-line link and set up an electronic check as this carries the lowest fees for on-line giving and then of course using your Debit card. We appreciate whatever method you choose and thank you for your faithfulness.